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OASBO offers several award opportunities to school business officials as a means to formally recognize them for professional accomplishments and/or for service to their profession and community.
Open to all Ohio school business officials, we encourage you to apply for these programs - many of which also result in scholarships for college-bound high school seniors. It's a win-win for the SBO and the school district!

Click on the award name(s) below to view the full details, and download the application.

OASBO School Business Official of the Year Awards
School business officials in Ohio are responsible annually for billions of public dollars. Their successful management of those dollars, their personal successes, and accomplishments, as well as their selfless service to their school system, their profession, and their community, is often a well-kept secret. At the January 1985 board meeting of the Foundation for School Business Management trustees, an awards program was established to recognize these individuals on an annual basis. Applications are due Jan. 15.

OASBO Regional Distinguished Service Awards & Virginia Ramsey Service Award
The Distinguished Service Awards Program is a series of five regional awards, recognizing one individual from each region. Recipients of these awards are recognized for significant contributions to the public good. Of the five award recipients, an overall winner will be chosen to receive the Virginia Ramsey Service Award. Applications are due Jan. 15.

Rich Unger Pinnacle Award
Rich Unger served as Executive Director of OASBO from January 1990 through June 1997. This award is presented in his name recognizing his professionalism and the impact of his contributions on OASBO and the school business profession. Therefore, the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award recipient is recognized for exemplary professionalism demonstrated through his/her contribution of an innovative school business procedure or program in the school district, and the ability for that procedure or program to be shared or replicated in other school districts. The application should reflect the effective use of management, leadership, technology, communications (including use of websites, social media, etc.), training, and/or public relations as it relates to the procedure or program. Applications are due Jan. 15.

Herbert D. Brum Scholarship
Dr. Brum served as the Executive Director of OASBO from April 1983 through January 1990. This scholarship program encourages continuing professional education and is awarded to one goal-oriented school business official who is pursuing a degree in an accredited program or participating in non-degree program offered by a not-for-profit organization in the area of finance, budgeting, facilities, transportation, food service, shared services, technology, leadership or any combined business function. Applications are due Jan. 15.

Chuck Gossett Legislative Advocacy Award
The Chuck Gossett Legislative Advocacy Award was established in 2004 in memory of this former OASBO President (2004-2005). Chuck was very active in the organization with a special interest in public policy and advocacy for education and education funding. The award recognizes exemplary services to public school systems in Ohio through contributions of time and expertise on legislative issues affecting the business operations of school districts. Applications are due Jan. 15.

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