Local Professional Development Committee

In 1996, Ohio's General Assembly authorized the establishment of Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs) and mandated that such be established in every school district and chartered nonpublic school by September 1998. At the same time, other educational agencies (such as OASBO) became eligible to establish LPDC's that were structured in a similar fashion to the structure prescribed for school districts.

Treasurers and Business Managers CURRENTLY EMPLOYED in an Ohio school district must present an annual professional development plan to their school/district's Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) to verify that all requirements for renewal have been met.

OASBO's Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

OASBO saw a critical need to provide licensed individuals working in other professions, as well as unemployed or retired Ohio school business officials (SBOs) a means in which to link quality professional development to the maintenance of their Treasurer or Business Manager official licensure. Thus, OASBO created its LPDC committee. Click here to download the Local Professional Development Committee Guidelines document.

Click Here to Access the Following IPDP Documents

  • LPDC Submission Process Summary
  • IPDP Preparation Tips
  • Cover Letter
  • Learning Goals
  • Course Log
  • Sample Reciprocity Form
  • IPDP Workshop CEU Verification
  • Evidence of Completion Form

Getting Started
Any licensed individuals working in other professions or any unemployed or retired treasurers who need to complete yearly LPDC requirements to maintain licensure are eligible to participate in OASBO's program. In other words, the OASBO LPDC can ONLY serve individuals with a current, valid Ohio Treasurer or Business Manager license. Just follow the simple steps below. As you go through the steps, refer to the documents in the Related Information box to the right.

OASBO's LPDC is free for current OASBO members and $50 for non-members.
  1. Complete your Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) (see: Application Form - Broad Learning Goals) and fill out the IPDP cover page. Submit these documents electronically to katie@oasbo-ohio.org for approval by the OASBO LPDC. (Non-members should contact the OASBO office to make arrangements to pay the $50 non-member fee.)
  2. Print out the Log of Completed Professional Development Activities and keep on file. (You are responsible for logging your activities and renewing your license).
  3. Once the OASBO LPDC approves your IPDP, you should complete a Workshop CEU Verification form for workshops and seminars you attend. This form needs to be completed for each activity. You should attach your CEU Form to this verification. The OASBO LPDC will review the CEUs earned to determine whether the workshop or seminar meets the goals of the SBO’s IPDP. CEU verification forms for self-reported activities should be submitted to the LPDC for approval within 12 months of the activity.  Activity outside of 12 months may not be accepted by the LPDC.  Online transcripts for OASBO sponsored events must be submitted for approval prior to license renewal.
    • Exceptions: If you have attended an OASBO sponsored event, the online transcript will serve as proof of the CEUs earned. The OASBO LPDC will accept CEUs from any workshop or seminar offered by OASBO, OSBA, and BASA.
    • Note: If you are attending a workshop or seminar offered by entities other than these three organizations, it is wise to ask the OASBO LPDC to pre-approve the event.
  4. The Evidence of Completion form is used for college coursework that you have completed. Remember all college coursework must be approved by the LPDC Committee prior to enrollment.
  5. If you have worked in a school district for a portion of the current 5-year license period, you should complete a Reciprocity Form (see sample in the Related Information box to the right). CEUs earned during your employment period must be approved by the school district LPDC. The OASBO LPDC will accept previously approved CEUs if a Reciprocity Form signed by the district LPDC chair is provided. The OASBO LPDC cannot approve CEUs earned prior to their approval of an IPDP except through the Reciprocity Form.

At any time, please feel free to call an OASBO LPDC representative at 614.431.9116 or email katie@oasbo-ohio.org.