Human Resources Agenda

OASBO will create a positive environment between school district leaders and school employees who carry out the important work of educating students and to ensure that the day to day activities in a school district are a team effort.

All parties should be aware of the financial challenges, student achievement goals, and the public demand for accountability the school district faces. The ability to manage these factors effectively is important, but sometimes inhibited by circumstances beyond the district's control. Reasonable changes in public policy may be necessary for success.

OASBO will work to ensure that the following issues are addressed through state public policy:
  • An ongoing review of current collective bargaining and management rights laws to promote positive changes that are in the best interest of the school district and students.
  • Collaborative initiatives between employees and employer representatives.
  • Sufficient flexibility for school districts in the procurement of health insurance and other employee benefits.
  • Manageable requirements for verification of employment and volunteer qualifications and/or eligibility, including but not limited to, employment history and background-checks, that are reasonable for school districts to perform.
  • An effective process for verifying school employee credentials (license, permit, certificate), one that does not result in treasurer personal financial liability.
  • A reasonable system of licensure requirements for qualified individuals.
  • Appropriate evaluation and compensation practices for all school employees.
  • Public policy that results in a sound retirement system for school employees that does not create an increased financial burden on school districts and taxpayers.
  • Provisions to allow school districts to purchase financial liability insurance in lieu of purchasing a bond covering the treasurer.