Rich Unger Pinnacle Award

Rich Unger served as Executive Director of OASBO from January 1990 through June 1997. This award is presented in his name recognizing his professionalism and the impact of his contributions on OASBO and the school business profession. Therefore, the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award recipient is recognized for exemplary professionalism demonstrated through his/her contribution of an innovative school business procedure or program in the school district, and the ability for that procedure or program to be shared or replicated in other school districts. The application should reflect the effective use of management, leadership, technology, communications (including use of websites, social media, etc.), training, and/or public relations as it relates to the procedure or program.


  • Any Ohio school business official who applies for the award on the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award application form or who is nominated for the award using that application form.
  • Members of the OASBO Board of Directors and the Foundation Board of Trustees are not eligible for awards.

Selection Process/Criteria
The Foundation Board of Trustees will serve as the selection committee. The selection criteria will include:

  • How the candidate’s innovative procedures have contributed to the promotion or enhancement of  the overall operations of the public-school district or profession of school business management;
  • Whether and to what extent the candidate’s innovative procedures can be implemented or effectively utilized by another public-school district or profession of school business management; and
  • Whether and to what extent the candidate’s innovative procedures enhance or have a positive effect on the students, staff and community of the public-school district.

The recipient of the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award is encouraged to submit their application materials to ASBO International for the Pinnacle Award. Please review ASBO’s link at for required materials.

Award and Scholarship Recipient 
The Foundation will make a contribution of $1,000 to an eligible organization in the name of the award recipient to fund a scholarship for a graduating senior from a high school in the district that employs the award recipient. 

The eligible organization or a selection committee determined by the eligible organization shall select the scholarship recipient. The eligible organization shall take into account criteria (such as financial need, academic performance, or performance in a particular area) proposed by the award recipient.

The term “eligible organization” refers to a school district or charitable organization meeting criteria established by the Foundation and reflected in the “Organizations Eligible to Receive Foundation Grants for Scholarships” document attached hereto. An award winner may be asked to assist in identifying an eligible organization to receive the contribution and make the scholarship awards.

Each year, award winners will be honored at the OASBO Annual Conference. 

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