Rich Unger Pinnacle Award

Rich Unger served as Executive Director of OASBO from January 1990 through June 1997. This award is presented in his name recognizing his professionalism and the impact of his contributions on OASBO and the school business profession. 

Therefore, the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award recipient is recognized for exemplary professionalism demonstrated through his/her contribution of an innovative school business procedure or program in the school district, and the ability for that procedure or program to be shared or replicated in other school districts. The application should reflect the effective use of management, leadership, technology, communications (including use of websites, social media, etc.), training, and/or public relations as it relates to the procedure or program.
The recipient will receive a scholarship (valued at up to 75% of the total cost of the registration and travel expenses not to exceed $2,500 for attending any one of the following:

  • ASBO International’s Eagle Institute
  • ASBO Internationals Executive Leadership Forum
  • OASBO’s Leadership Series
  • OASBO/PASBO Leadership Institute – Erie, PA 


  • Demonstrates professionalism in any area of school business operations (i.e. finance, budgeting, facilities, transportation, food service, shared services, technology, or any combined business function). 
  • The candidate must be an active Professional or Associate member of OASBO.
  • The candidate must have been an OASBO member for at least three years.
  • Current members of the OASBO Board of Directors are ineligible.
  • Nominations may be made by anyone who believes the candidate is deserving of the award.
  • Self nominations are accepted

Selection Process/Criteria
The Governing Board of the Foundation for School Business Management will serve as the selection committee. The selection criteria will include how the applicant’s innovative procedures have contributed to the following:

  • Promotes or enhances the overall operations of the district or the profession
  • Can be implemented or effectively utilized by the profession or another district
  • Enhances or has a positive effect on the students, staff, and community

The recipient of the Rich Unger Pinnacle Award is encouraged to submit their application materials to ASBO International for the Pinnacle Award. Please review ASBO’s link at for required materials.

Click here to download the application.

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