School Treasurer Licensure - ODE Approved Pathway: Option 3

While there are a variety of pathways to attain an Ohio school treasurer’s license, OASBO provides a practical and comprehensive program, approved by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (DEW). OASBO's School Treasurer Licensure – Approved Pathway: Option 3 program is in lieu of the Field Experience Requirement for a 300-hour school treasurer internship. Our program is approved through June 30, 2025.

Taught by experienced practitioners, OASBO’s program combines classroom learning, assessments, and a five-year forecasting project—providing essential knowledge and skills for future success in a school district treasurer role.

This page includes information about the pathway and how to participate. Note: Those who hold or have previously held a Treasurer’s license are not eligble for this program.

For information on obtaining or renewing an Ohio Treasurer or Business Manager licenseplease click here to visit the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce's Educator Licensure section of their website.


Admission requirements

While there is no entry assessment required to apply for the program, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
  1. Achieved at least senior status at an accredited undergraduate university with an anticipated graduation date within 12 months of program application.
  2. Achieved or demonstrated ability to achieve appropriate degree and/or accounting hours necessary for licensure within 12 months of program application
  3. Enrolled or documented plans to enroll in School Law and School Finance  within 12 months of program application. 
  4. Agreement to complete required curriculum-based courses within 18 months of program application.
  5. Agreement to enter OASBO's Mentoring Program within 60 days of employment as a school treasurer.
  6. Must be an OASBO member. (Click here to learn more about OASBO Membership, and to join).

Click here to download an application. Direct program questions to Katie Johnson at

Plan of Study

  • Complete the following courses. This is the preferred (but not mandatory) order in which the events should be taken:​
    • Essentials of Financial Management & Administration (2-day course)
    • Essentials of School Funding & Finance (2-day course)
    • Essentials of Budgeting & Forecasting (2-day course)
    • Essentials of Human Resources (2-day course)
    • Essentials of Business Operations (2-day course)
    • Essentials of Leadership (1-day course)  
  • Pass a 100-question final exam with a minimum score of 70 percent. Each candidate has two attempts to pass the exam. (​Candidates may be subject to other ODE assessments that may be required for Treasurer licensure).
  • Complete a Capstone Project - Effectively Presenting a Five-Year Forecast (Each candidate will receive two attempts to pass the project)
    • Research and interview (Estimated time to complete - 12 hours)
    • Presentation development (Estimated time to complete - 4 hours)
    • Presentation to Peer Group (10-15 minutes)
  • Complete a 12 month Mentoring Program, after being employed as a Treasurer/CFO, including a Mentoring Assessment at the end of the program.


Essentials of Financial Management & Administration Syllabus
Essentials of School Funding & Finance Syllabus
Essentials of Budgeting & Forecasting Syllabus
Essential of Human Resources Syllabus
Essentials of Business Operations Syllabus
Essentials of Leadership Syllabus


  • OASBO Membership is required. If you work in a district, an associate membership is $50. For those who don't work in a district, student membership is complimentary.
  • Each two-day course is $200/member, $400/non-member.
  • Each one-day course is $100/member, $200/non-member.

Capstone Project & Final Exam:

  • No fee

College Credit:

  • Additional fee. See below.

College Credit through Ashland University

Through a partnership with Ashland University, OASBO offers college credit for the Essentials Courses in this pathway. Should you wish to seek college credit for any of the courses, please contact our office for details.

OASBO's Essentials Course Offerings

All of the courses from fiscal year 2023's Bootcamp are available for purchase on-demand. Essentials of Budgeting & Forecasting and Essentials of School Funding & Finance must be attended in-person by those who are in the Pathway program. 

Bootcamp 2024

Registration is Open!

​Click here to download an application. Direct program questions to Katie Johnson at