ASBO International Committee

Open to member sign-up.


The ASBO International Committee is committed to maintaining and fostering a link between OASBO and ASBO. This includes encouraging OASBO members to:

  • Seek elected office on the ASBO Board of Directors.
  • Pursue ASBO committee assignments.
  • Attend and participate in the ASBO Annual Meeting & Exhibits as a proud member of OASBO.

ASBO International Committee members also help:

  • Coordinate meet-and-greet events for the Ohio contingent at the ASBO Annual Meeting if Ohio is running a candidate for an ASBO board position.
  • Assist OASBO members in recognizing the benefits of ASBO membership, not only for personal professional growth and recognition, but for the equally important benefit to school districts.

This committee meets at least one time per year, and more frequently when OASBO is running a candidate.