OASBO offers seminarswebinars, and on-demand offerings for all career stages and skill levels of Ohio's school business officials. Whether you are seeking your business manager or treasurer license, or you are a seasoned school business official wanting to stay current on topics impacting the profession, OASBO has you covered. 

We offer contact hours towards CEUs for licensure, CPE credit towards CPA licenses, and college credit through our partnership with Ashland University.

OASBO also has an approved Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) for those licensed individuals working in other professions,or those unemployed or retired treasurers who need to complete yearly LPDC requirements to maintain licensure. The OASBO LPDC can ONLY serve individuals with a current, valid Ohio treasurer or business manager license. Click here for more information on our LPDC committee

2023-24 Professional Development Schedule

  • July 10-11 – Essentials of Financial Management & Administration
  • July 12-13 – Essentials of School Funding & Finance
  • July 14 & 17 – Essentials of Budgeting & Forecasting
  • July 18-19 – Essentials of Human Resources
  • July 20-21 – Essentials of Business Operations
  • July 26 – Charitable Law Issues Webinar
  • Aug. 1 – Budget, Analysis & Discussion (BAD) Workshop
  • Aug. 7 – Essentials of Leadership
  • Aug. 24 – The Ohio Ethics Law 2023 Webinar
  • Aug. 30-31 – Fundamentals of Facility Management
  • Sept. 7 – Fall School Finance Workshop
  • Sept. 12 – Demystifying E-Rate Category 1 and 2 for Business Officers Webinar
  • Sept. 13 – Treasurer/CFO Planning Series – Second Quarter
  • Sept. 20-22 – Leadership Conference
  • Sept. 26 – Superintendent/Treasurer Symposium
  • Sept. 27 – Quarterly Leadership Webinar – Session 1
  • Oct. 10 – Business Operations Hot Topics
  • Oct. 17 – Fall Hot Topics Seminar
  • Oct. 18 – Automation & Fraud Prevention for Accounts Payable Webinar
  • Oct. 26-27 – SupportCon
  • Nov. 9 – Treasurer/CFO Planning Series – Third Quarter
  • Nov. 29 – Parl Pro You’ve Got to Know Webinar
  • Dec. 1 – Winter School Finance Workshop
  • Dec. 5 – EMIS
  • Dec. 13 – Quarterly Leadership Webinar – Session 2

  • Jan. 10-11 – Essentials of School Funding & Finance
  • Jan. 17 – Winter Hot Topics Seminar
  • Jan. 24 – Finance Office Automation for Greater Accountability & Efficiency Webinar
  • Jan. 31-Feb. 1 – Essentials of Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Feb. 14 – Student Activities/Booster Groups Seminar
  • Feb. 21 – Non-Teaching Contracts Webinar
  • March 1 - Northeast Region Chapters' Joint Workshop
  • March 1 - SchoolComp (Southwest)
  • March 4 – SchoolComp (Northwest)
  • March 5 – SchoolComp (Northeast)
  • March 7 – SchoolComp (Southeast)
  • March 8 – SchoolComp (Central)
  • March 13 – Grants Management 
  • March 19 – State Legislative Conference
  • March 20 – Quarterly Leadership Webinar – Session 3
  • March 26 – Superintendent/Treasurer Symposium
  • March 28 - Treasurer/CFO Planning Series – Fourth Quarter
  • April 2 – Records Commission – Annual Meetings and Notification Requirements
  • April 16-19 – OASBO Annual Conference & Expo
  • May 15 - Treasurer/CFO Planning Series – First Quarter
  • May 22 – STRS/SERS Updates Webinar
  • June 11 – So You Want to be a School Treasurer
  • June 12 - Quarterly Leadership Webinar – Session 4
  • June 12 – NE Region Facilities Training
  • June 13 – SW (Cincinnati) Region Facilities Training
  • June 19 – SW (Dayton) Region Facilities Training

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Ohio Standards for School Business Managers and Treasurers

Click here to view the Ohio Standards for School Treasurers and School Business Managers.

Mentoring Program

For those school business officials who are new to the profession, we offer a formal mentoring program. Click here to learn more.

OASBO offers the following education credit types:

Contact Hours towards CEUs

1 CEU = 10 contact hours             
Treasurer/CFOs must complete 18 CEUs (180 contact hours) every five years in order to renew their license.

After completion of an OASBO seminar/workshop, each participant will be issued Contact Hours for the number of hours of instruction received. You can print a transcript of your contact hours earned by logging into your account, clicking the "My OASBO" tab, and clicking the "Generate Transcript" button located in the grey "Welcome Back!" box on the right. You can even designate a date range; printing only credits earned during a specific timeframe. 

CPIM Credit
Per Ohio law, as "public funds managers," public school district treasurer/CFOs must annually complete 6 hours of continuing education in the investment and management of public finances. Established and managed by the Ohio Treasury’s Center for Public Investment Management (CPIM), official CPIM credit can only be earned at such courses that have been pre-approved to qualify for such credit. Some of OASBO's professional development offerings and chapter meetings provide official CPIM training. Any approved offering is noted on the agenda.

If you are a chapter officer seeking CPIM credit for a chapter meeting, all paperwork must go through OASBO. Please contact OASBO’s Events Coordinator, Carmen Chen at carmen@oasbo-ohio.org for more information.

For more information on CPIM credit, including the official process for reporting your hours, please click here.

College Credit
Through a partnership with Ashland University, OASBO offers college credit for some of our courses. A statement will be posted on the event detail page of those courses offering Ashland credit. Registration forms will be available at the event.

CPE Credit
1 CPE = 1 contact hour     
Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) must adhere to the continuing education requirements set forth by the Accountancy Board of Ohio. OASBO is an recognized provider of CPE credit through the Accountancy Board of Ohio, thus, all OASBO seminars have been approved for CPE credit.

The Accountancy Board of Ohio will accept OASBO members’ transcript as printed from their account/profile as it shows the date, course name/subject area, and number of hours received.

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