Local Professional Development Committee

Appointed by the Licensure Committee

OASBO's LPDC provides a way for licensed individuals who are either working in other professions, or unemployed or retired, to link their continuing professional development to the maintenance of their Treasurer or Business Manager official license.

Members of the OASBO LPDC

  • Create and manage the standards, policies, and procedures for school treasurer/CFO/SBO growth through professional development.
  • Ensure that licensed CFOs/SBOs stay highly qualified in their field, resulting in continuing licensure.

The LPDC is comprised of at least five members – one from each of the five regions of the state – and are members of the Licensure Committee. There must be at least one business manager member of the committee. There may also be “at-large” members if the Licensure Committee wishes to make such appointments.

This committee meets on an as-needed basis to review any participant’s professional development plans and progress.