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PublicSchoolWORKS (PSW) is the exclusive provider of safety and regulatory compliance software for OASBO, BASA and OSBA. PSW offers a comprehensive, fully automated, risk management system for schools. Designed by veteran public school professionals, PSW combines web-based administrative software tools, content, and support services to implement, manage and sustain any or all of a school district's staff and student health, safety compliance and behavior programs.

The PublicSchoolWORKS risk management system includes:

EmployeeSafe Suite
The EmployeeSafe Suite includes programs to implement anything from a single training course up to a comprehensive school safety program. It includes:

  • training courses,
  • written plans,
  • programs and procedures,
  • checklists,
  • inspections,
  • MSDS and other tools.

It is a management system that can be used to implement, manage and sustain every part of a district's safety program; enabling districts to meet safety compliance requirements. The program can be customized to include any tools or content provided by individual school districts.

The EmployeeSafe Suite may be purchased in its entirety or as individual modules. Modules include:

  • Staff Training
  • Employee Accident Management
  • Visitor/Volunteer Accident Management
  • OSHA 300 Reporting
  • Compliance Task Management (Non-Training)
  • MSDS
  • Staff Safety Reporting
  • Staff Telephone Helplines
  • Safety Document Management

StudentWatch Suite
StudentWatch Suite is comprised of management and communication systems that address student safety and behavior related issues. Included are:

  • a behavior management system addressing discipline incidents and the recognition of positive behaviors,
  • online and telephone systems for students and parents to confidentially report incidents of bullying, weapons, drugs, suicide or other student safety concerns, and
  • a student accident management system to improve a district's risk management process.

These tools are integrated to ensure compliance with district, state and federal regulations while easing the load on school and district administration. In addition to the content included with StudentWatch, programs, forms and records are customizable to adapt to specific school and district requirements.

Key to its effectiveness, StudentWatch includes the management system to implement, manage and sustain a behavior strategy consistently across all schools (when required). The system also enhances the communication process to ensure all key staff dealing with student safety and behavior issues receive accurate and appropriate information for effective decision making.

The StudentWatch Suite may be purchased in its entirety or as individual modules. Modules include:

  • Student Accident Management
  • Student Safety Reporting
  • Student Bullying Reporting
  • Student Behavior Management

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