Whether you want to get involved at the local level as a chapter/commitee member or officer, or at the statewide level through a committee, OASBO needs your involvement in order to be successful!

Affiliates, Statewide & Local Chapters, and Local Committees

Each local chapter/committee or affiliate provides a local link to our organization. They provide valuable annual professional development opportunities, networking, and stepping stones to leadership opportunities at the statewide level.

We encourage our members to get active in their local chapters/committees and affiliates. On each of their pages, you will find the counties they serve, as well as a list of those you can contact to get involved!


OASBO Committees

There are two types of OASBO committees: standing and ad-hoc. Our standing committees meet regularly, and are designed to manage and support many of our core services and programs at the statewide level.