Dues & Policies

OASBO Membership Dues & Policies


​All membership dues are non-transferable, non-refundable and not prorated.


Professional Membership: 

(Annual Salary + Board Paid Retirement) x .008

Professional membership is open to persons employed full time in the business affairs of school districts in Ohio. Treasurers and business managers, by position, must be Professional members. And, anyone in a role of directing business operations who possesses a business manager license must be a Professional member. Any other school business officials may select this membership type if they so choose.


  • Dues Calculation & Total Compensation
    • The Annual dues for Professional members are .008 of compensation. Dues calculation for those professional members working in multiple districts shall be based on combined compensation.
    • Definition of compensation for membership calculations is the member’s annual salary plus any board-paid retirement, where the sum is multiplied by .008 (eight tenths of one percent). (Board Paid Retirement is defined as the employee portion of the contribution to the retirement system paid by the Board of Education on your behalf. It does NOT include pick-up on the pick-up). 
  • Treasurer Membership Provisions for Leaving the District/Entering the District
    • Professional membership is issued in the name of the school business official and remains with that individual, even if they change districts. However, if a treasurer renews his or her membership, then leaves the district in the same fiscal year, and a brand new treasurer comes in (who has never been a member), a complimentary membership is provided to that new member for the remainder of the fiscal year so the district doesn’t have to pay dues for two treasurers in one fiscal year.
  • Interim Treasurers
    • An Interim Treasurer serving a district for less than six months in a fiscal year may join as an Associate Member, however serving more than six months in a district or districts in a fiscal year will require a Professional membership.
  • Lifetime Membership Provision
    • Lifetime members who re-enter the profession (in any position that qualifies for professional membership) must join as a professional member, beginning in 2012. Those current lifetime members who have re-entered the profession shall be grandfathered. However, if grandfathered while serving in one district, and then move to a different district, you are no longer grandfathered.

Associate Membership: *$50

Associate membership is open to school district support staff, those licensed in school business but unemployed or not practicing, state agency employees, related non‐profit organization employees, higher education employees in positions related to school business administration.

Associate membership is issued in the name of the SBO and remains with that individual, even if they change districts.

*New lower fee effective for FY23 membership year!

Student Membership: *$0

Student membership is open to full-time students, OASBO approved interns, and those employed outside the business/finance office of a school district who are interested in becoming a school business official through the OASBO Licensure Pathway Program.

Student membership is issued in the name of the individual, and is non-transferable. Upon employment in a school district, the individual is then only eligible for Associate or Professional membership, depending on job role.

*New $0 fee effective for FY23 membership year!

Retired Membership: $50

Retired membership is for those who held active membership at the time of retirement. Retirement = accepted for retirement by SERS, STRS or PERS, and no longer employed full‐ time by an Ohio Board of Education. 

Retired‐rehired SBOs serving as full time treasurer/CFO, business manager, or similar function are not eligible for this membership type. They are eligible for Professional Membership.

If a retired or former member (who holds a treasurer or business manager license) works part time in school district or community school, they will be required to join as an Associate member.

Service Affiliate Membership: $550

Service Affiliate membership is a vendor membership available to businesses/organizations who provide products and services to Ohio school districts. All employees of the business/organization are considered members. If a company joining OASBO as a Service Affiliate member is a subsidiary of another Service Affiliate member organization, the company/organization must purchase a separate membership.

Multi-Member Rebates

OASBO offers two differnt multi-member rebates. Districts can receive both rebates, if they qualify.

Professional Multi-Member Rebate
For a school district to qualify for professional multi-member rebate, the district must have three (3) or more professional members and all must be paid in full by August 15. OASBO will calculate the rebate amount and remit a check to qualifying school districts in October.

Rebate Structure

  • 5 percent for three members
  • 10 percent for four members
  • 15 percent for five or more members

Associate Multi-Member Rebate 
For a school district to qualify for an Associate multi-member rebate, the district must have a minimum of one (1) Professional member, five (5) or more Associate members, and all must be paid in full by August 15. Complimentary Associate memberships do not qualify for the 5 or more Associate members. OASBO will calculate the rebate amount and remit a check to the qualifying school district in October.

Rebate Structure

  • $100 rebate for five (5) Associate members
  • $200 rebate for seven (7) Associate members
  • $300 rebate for nine (9) or more Associate members

Complimentary Associate Membership Policy

For FY23 (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023), OASBO offers two complimentary Associate memberships with each paid Professional membership. Upon completing the renewal process AND paying for their Professional membership, each Professional member will receive a confirmation email with a coupon code for the complimentary Associate memberships. This code can only be used by an employee of the Professional member’s district only. Codes cannot be used to pay for or get a refund for an Associate Membership already being processed.

Tax Deductions

Pursuant to IRC Section 6033(e), OASBO hereby informs you that 6.35 percent of your membership dues are not deductible for federal income tax purposes (under IRC Section 162(e)) because they are allocable to OASBO's expenditures for lobbying and political campaigning.


Subscription Information

Professional, Retired, Honorary and Lifetime members receive:

  • One print and digital subscription for the SBO Quarterly magazine (4 issues/year).
  • One digital subscription to the eNews and Advocacy eNews

Associate members receive:

  • One digital subscription to the SBO Quarterly magazine (4 issues/year).
  • One digital subscription to the eNews and Advocacy eNews

Service Affiliate members receive:

  • One print and digital subscription for the SBO Quarterly magazine (4 issues/year/per organization, addressed to the designated primary contact. 
  • One digital subscription to the eNews and Advocacy eNews per employee.

Additional SBO Quarterly print subscriptions can be purchased for $56 each by contacting the OASBO office at 614.431.9116.

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