Program Benefits

Proteges, mentors, and school districts all benefits when school business officials collaborate and share their knowledge. By participating in the OASBO Mentoring Program:

Protégés benefit by:

  • Building a relationship with a mentor
  • Gaining access to knowledge and skills
  • Learning what you need, when you need it
  • Expanding professional capabilities
  • Earning contact hours for meetings with a mentor

Mentors benefit by:

  • Sharing hard-earned wisdom
  • Developing rewarding relationships
  • Renewing a sense of mission
  • Participating in the OASBO community
  • Earning contact hours for meetings with a protege
  • Earning a $100 OASBO seminar credit for being a mentor

School districts benefit by:

  • Enhanced confidence in the overall management of business and operations departments
  • Improved managerial productivity and efficiency
  • Increased energy and resources to focus on student achievement

Upcoming ODE Deadlines

1/20/2017 >

Tax budget (or alternate form) due to County Auditor.

1/31/2017 >

Special education catastophic costs due to finance regional office.
Pupil transportation ridership report amendments due to the ODE office of pupil transportation.
ESC Boards must hold their organizational meetings by this date.
W-2 and tax statements due to past and present employees.

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