Program Benefits

Proteges, mentors, and school districts all benefits when school business officials collaborate and share their knowledge. By participating in the OASBO Mentoring Program:

Protégés benefit by:

  • Building a relationship with a mentor
  • Gaining access to knowledge and skills
  • Learning what you need, when you need it
  • Expanding professional capabilities
  • Earning contact hours for meetings with a mentor

Mentors benefit by:

  • Sharing hard-earned wisdom
  • Developing rewarding relationships
  • Renewing a sense of mission
  • Participating in the OASBO community
  • Earning contact hours for meetings with a protege
  • Earning a $100 OASBO seminar credit for being a mentor

School districts benefit by:

  • Enhanced confidence in the overall management of business and operations departments
  • Improved managerial productivity and efficiency
  • Increased energy and resources to focus on student achievement