School Finance Agenda

OASBO will promote a comprehensive and flexible school funding system that is equitable, reliable, and stable. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources for all Ohio children. We will promote efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability; and focus on student success. Ohio's public school districts are committed to using these resources wisely.

Taxpayers in local communities demand that funding information for their schools be understandable. State and local obligations should be clearly defined and transparent.

OASBO will diligently promote the following criteria for a strong school funding system for Ohio:

  • Adequate and equitable funding and resources to provide high quality educational opportunities for every student, in all ranges of ability and circumstance.
  • Clear definitions of school district wealth.
  • Funding levels based on reliable data for education costs, and proven education programs and resources that will allow all students to succeed, including funding for school safety and mental health services.
  • A formula that can be explained by school leaders. 
  • Appropriate resources to meet the technology needs of school districts.
  • A simple, rational, defensible and sustainable funding model to support ESCs in effectively serving client school districts and the state of Ohio.
  • Adequate funding and support for career technical programs, including a responsive funding model that allows for quickly and easily adapting to the everchanging workforce training and skills requirements of Ohio employers.
  • A system that is fair to districts of all geographical locations, sizes, types, and levels of wealth and clearly defined state/local share of funding that takes these differences into account.
  • A system that provides reliable student data to compute accurate revenues and expenditures per-pupil.
  • A system that reduces the frequency of levies at the local level.
  • A formula that must not rely on guarantees. Guarantees should be used to transition to a new, sound formula. Guarantees should not be eliminated without a suitable replacement.
  • A system that includes grant programs for school districts that promote innovation. These grant programs must be flexible in permissible expenditures and stable within the funding period(s). Reporting for grant monies should be reasonable and manageable.
  • A system that promotes and removes barriers to efficiencies in school district operations.
  • A system that fully funds new education initiatives and legislative requirements.
  • A system that offers alternative educational opportunities for students, or “choice options,” funded directly by the state – not deducted from a school district’s funding, provided that school districts not be negatively impacted when direct funding is implemented.
  • A system that includes a reasonable replacement plan when the state passes legislation changing local funding sources.
  • A system that prohibits the funding of private school tuition with public tax dollars.
  • A system that promotes efficient use of resources through shared service arrangements.