Strategic Plan

Approved by the OASBO Board of Directors in 2020, the organization's Strategic Plan is a living document used to guide OASBO's growth and governance. A new strategic plan is created every three years.

Goal 1: Be the respected authority on laws and legislation impacting public school finance and operations, and, speaking with a united voice, ensure members are empowered to influence and educate on these issues.

  1. Increase training opportunities to prepare SBOs to advocate for or against legislation at a state or local level. 
  2. Encourage and strengthen collaboration among school districts to speak with a united voice and a common message in our advocacy efforts.
  3. Increase resources to prepare SBOs to influence and educate legislators at a state or local level. 
  4. Strengthen relationships with legislators and key policymakers. 
  5. Speaking with a united voice and a common message, increase advocacy efforts for an adequate, equitable and sustainable funding formula and additional resources for operations, facility improvements and technology. 

Goal 2: Be recognized as an organization that embraces and empowers an engaged membership in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  1. Establish and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development and training for members and staff.
  2. Increase school business profession recruitment efforts, with a focus on diverse populations.
  3. Create outreach efforts to reach diverse SBOs.
  4. Expand/Update membership database to capture pertinent demographic info.
  5. Communicate leadership opportunities and organizational structure.

Goal 3: Be the essential learning platform for the development and delivery of relevant content for SBOs.

  1. Increase innovative delivery models.
  2. Increase the use of SBOs in delivery of content.
  3. Increase relevant and targeted training opportunities for all SBOs.
  4. Highlight SBO knowledge and innovation through increased content delivery.

Goal 4: Be the essential organization for the development and recruitment of SBOs.

  1. Increase school business profession recruitment efforts through college/university job fairs and school district level support staff recruitment efforts
  2. More online courses.
  3. Maintain affordable fees for membership and events.
  4. Increase mentoring program for all SBOs through more active membership promotion.