Awards & Scholarships

OASBO offers several award and scholarship opportunities to school business officials as a means to formally recognize them for professional accomplishments and/or for service to their profession and community.

Open to all Ohio school business officials, we encourage you to apply for these programs - many of which also result in scholarships for college-bound high school seniors. It's a win-win for the SBO and the school district!

Click on the award name(s) below to view the full details, and download the application.


OASBO School Business Official of the Year Awards >

Recipients of these awards are recognized for service to their districts and communities they serve. In addition to a commemorative plaque, recipients earn a $500 scholarship to be granted to a graduating senior from their district of employment. Applications due Jan. 15.

  • Outstanding Business Operations Manager of the Year
  • Outstanding Food Service Director of the Year
  • Outstanding Transportation Director of the Year
  • Outstanding Treasurer of the Year
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OASBO Regional Distinguished Service Awards & Virginia Ramsey Service Award >

Recipients of these awards are recognized for significant contributions to his/her profession through professional attainment (credentials, continuing education), as well as publications and presentations about the profession. Recipients are awarded a $500 scholarship, to be granted to a graduating senior from a high school in the district where the recipient is employed. A statewide winner is chosen for the Virginia Ramsey Award, granting an additional $1000 scholarship. Applications due Jan. 15.
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  • Central Region Award
  • Northeast Region Award
  • Northwest Region Award
  • Southeast Region Award
  • Southwest Region Award
  • Virginia Ramsey Service Award


Rich Unger Pinnacle Award >

Recipients of these awards are recognized for creating an innovative school business procedure or program that is able to be shared or replicated in other school districts. The recipient receives a personal scholarship (valued at up to 75% of the total cost of the registration and travel expenses not to exceed $2,500) to attend one of the following conferences: ASBO International’s Eagle Institute, ASBO International’s Executive Leadership Forum, OASBO’s Leadership Series, or OASBO/PASBO Leadership Institute in Erie, PA . Applications due Jan. 15.

Herbert D. Brum Scholarship >

This scholarship is for any school business official pursuing a degree in an accredited program. The recipient receives $1000 to help offset the costs of furthering their education or leadership training. Applications due Jan. 15.

Chuck Gossett Legislative Advocacy Award>

This scholarship is granted to a school business official for his/her exemplary service to the organization through contributions of time and expertise on legislative issues and involvement. The honoree receives $1000 to be awarded to a high school senior in the school district where the recipient is employed. Applications due Jan. 15.

OASBO Emerging Leaders Scholarship >

This scholarship is for any school business official with five years of experience of less who wants to expand their professional network, skills, and leadership abilities are invited to apply. The up to 10 recipients will receive $1000 to to attend the 2019 Battle of Lake Erie Leadership Conference. Applications due March 1.