Licensure Committee

The Licensure Committee is a standing committee that any OASBO Member may join. The purpose of this committee is to handle all issues related to treasurer and business manager licenses. This committee meets once a year to appoint the LPDC.

Committee work includes
  • Handling all issues related to treasurer and business manager licenses;
  • Working with the Ohio Department of Education on rules related to licensure;
  • Discussing and recommending policy positions for the organization on any topic related to licensure and treasurer/business manager contracts;
  • Appointing members to the OASBO Local Professional Development Committee.

The committee meets as needed or on a quarterly basis.

Committee Contacts
  • Chair: Christine Poetter, (Two-year term, appointed FY 20)
  • Vice Chair: Nick Martin, (Two-year term, appointed FY 20)
  • Board Liaison: Mike Robinson, (Board Immediate Past President)
  • Staff Liaison: Jim Rowan, (Executive Director)