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Thursday, Oct. 26

Keynote Address: The “Big 4” to Creating More Storytellers for Your School District!
If given the choice, would you rather be considered “ the best”, or the “favorite” when it comes to organizations in your city, region, or state? My choice would be “favorite” and I will tell you why in this keynote presentation.

What steps are you taking to have your customers and employees think of your organization as “their favorite”? It starts with implementing “The Big 4” to deliver that Black Tie (or first-class) Customer Service Experience. Bob will share the principles he learned from being an entrepreneur for over twenty-five years on providing hospitality and service excellence in your organization. You will discover how to turn ordinary Customer Service transactions into Black Tie Customer Experiences!

You’ll learn why most people forget about good service but always remember the hospitality shown to them. When Hospitality and Service Excellence are combined you create storytellers (or Brand Ambassadors) for your organization. They are the ones who can’t wait to tell others about their experiences with you.

Friday, Oct. 27

Keynote Address: Leaving Your Legacy
This exciting session will explore the concept of creating a lasting impact in our personal and professional lives. Josh will share how each individual has the power to influence the world around them and leave a positive imprint on future generations. For this talk, Josh will encourage the attendees to reflect on their values, passions, and strengths to determine how they can make a meaningful difference in their communities and beyond. He will also emphasize the importance of taking action towards achieving one's goals and the potential ripple effects of these actions while sharing personal examples. Through inspiring stories and practical tips, attendees will leave inspired to leave a lasting legacy of which they can be proud.