Protégés – New school business professionals who want to advance your career to the next level.

Mentors – Experienced school business professionals who will help tomorrow's leaders reach their potential.

Click here to download the Protégés application form.

OASBO's goal for the mentoring program is to attract and retain the caliber of people required to successfully manage school business and operations. We want you succeed in the school business profession!

How it Works

The OASBO Mentoring Program is driven by both the protégé and the mentor so the match is critical. During the official matching process, OASBO takes into consideration the demographics, location, areas of specialization, and any special requests and needs of the protégé. Learn more by clicking here.


Program Benefits

Proteges, mentors, and school districts all benefits when school business officials collaborate and share their knowledge.

Program Eligibility

Any supervisor or director level OASBO Professional or Associate member is eligible to participate in the program. The program is open to all Business Managers, Food Service Supervisor/Directors, Treasurers, and Transportation Supervisor/Directors. Each protégé will be charged a $100 registration fee for the program.

Please note: this program is not designed as an internship program for Business Manager or Treasurer licensure. If you need help finding an internship to meet your licensure requirement, contact our office at 614.431.9116.

If you are interested in serving as either a mentor or a protégé, download and complete the appropriate application form here. Send the forms via fax or email to If you know of someone you think would benefit from the program, please contact us at 614.431.9116, or