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OASBO Board of Directors

Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 OASBO Board of Directors. Apply for one of the open positions by Nov. 18.

Have you ever considered taking the next step in your personal and professional leadership development? Consider bringing your talents and enthusiasm to the OASBO board! It takes a dedicated team of SBOs who are passionate about the school business profession to lead OASBO in fulfillment of it's mission. Join your peers and Say Hello to a new opportunity to get involved and to make a difference for SBOs statewide.

To highlight the importance of the school business profession and to encourage students to pursue a career of service in this field, the OASBO Board of Directors established a scholarship program which grants a scholarship to a graduating senior in each board member's district, on an annual basis during their term.

If you’ve been looking for that next step in your involvement in OASBO and school business, consider applying for a seat on the OASBO Board of Directors.

Open positions
  • Vice President
    • 1-year term, then will go through the chairs of president-elect (1-year term), president (1-year term), and past president (1-year term)
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • 2-year term
  • Northwest Region Director
    • 3-year term
  • Southwest Region Director
    • 3-year term

OASBO Board of Directors - Eligibility
Any Ohio school business official is eligible to apply for an open position on the OASBO Board of Directors if the official has:
  • Been a member of OASBO for at least three years; and
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, which may be demonstrated, among other ways, through service, including:
    • As an OASBO chapter officer, or
    • In an OASBO leadership position as a committee chair, seminar director, or other OASBO leadership service.
Selection Process/Criteria
Applications for an open position on the OASBO Board of Directors will be reviewed and evaluated by the Nominating Committee of OASBO, which consists of the five members, including the Immediate Past President, the President-Elect, two Past Presidents and a current professional member of OASBO. The two Past Presidents and the current professional member are appointed by the Immediate Past President and confirmed by the OASBO Board of Directors.
The Nominating Committee will review the following information for each applicant:
  1. An outline of the applicant’s professional experience;
  2. An outline of the applicant’s service to the school business profession, including the applicant’s achievements and service to the profession, the community and school system the applicant serves, and OASBO;
  3. A statement of the applicant’s vision for the position as a member of the OASBO Board of Directors and for the organization as a whole; and
  4. Any other information an applicant feels would be pertinent for consideration.
Applicants should email a letter expressing his or her interest, a current bio, and a completed application form to
  • Applications received by Nov. 18 will be considered.
  • Applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.
  • Applicants will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee based on the information listed above and interviewed by the Nominating Committee via a conference call.
  • The Nominating Committee will present the slate to the membership at the opening general session at the Annual Conference & Expo with the election occurring at the second general session.

Awards and Scholarship Recipients
OASBO will make a contribution of $1,000 annually during an OASBO Board Member’s service on the Board to an eligible organization in the name of the OASBO Board Member to fund a scholarship for a graduating senior from a high school in the district that employs the OASBO Board Member.

Click here to download the criteria and information document.

Click here to download the application.


OASBO Foundation for School Business Management Board of Trustees

Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 OASBO Foundation for School Business Management Board of Trustees. Apply for one of the open positions by Nov. 18.

Open positions
  • Northeast Region Representative
    • Two-year term
  • Southwest Region Representative 
    • Two-year term
  • Central Region Representative 
    • Two-year term
  • At-Large Professional Representative 
    • Three-year term
  • At-Large Vendor Representative
    • Three-year term ending

Code of Regulations 
Read the Foundation code of regulations for more details by clicking here.

Application and Selection Process 
  • Complete an application and submit it prior to Nov. 18.
  • At-Large Applicants should be available for a phone interview January/February with the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of the OASBO immediate past president, president-elect, 2 past presidents, and an at-large professional member.
  • Region applications will be sent to the corresponding OASBO Board Regional Director who will appoint the trustee for their region.
  • The committee and OASBO Regional Directors then selects a slate of candidates for all open positions and introduces them to the membership in the March issue of the SBO Quarterly magazine, then presents them for a vote (of Professional members) at the Annual Conference in April.
  • Additional nominations for any open seat may be made from the floor of the meeting, and the candidates receiving a majority vote shall be declared elected and will begin their terms July 1, 2023.

Click here to download the application.

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