2021 Leadership Institute Applications Due June 15


The OASBO Leadership Institute is a brand new, year-long program where you will develop your leadership toolbelt along with a cohort of other school business officials.

As a participant, you will be engaged in reflective dialogue and establish realistic and clear professional goals that will work in your unique circumstances.

This program provides members the opportunity to participate in a small collaborative group who will receive guidance from a leadership professional and executive coach, Leander Rabe, throughout the year.

The Leadership Institute is for new and experience leaders alike! We hope you will apply and take your leadership goals and skills to the next level.

Apply by June 15. Interviews and cohort selections will take place in July.

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Institute Details
  • Five 2-day sessions – Location:  OASBO Conference Center, 98 Commerce Park Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43082 (Sessions begin at approximately 5 p.m. on the first night and run 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. the following day.)
    • Session 1 – Leadership and Style: September 8-9, 2021: Each member will identify their unique leadership style. Leaders must know both their leadership style and know how to change that style when needed. Members will learn twelve distinct leadership styles and their preferences for each of the twelve.
    • Session 2 – Leadership and Change: December 8-9, 2021: Each member will leave with an understanding of how their leadership style approaches change and the interaction of that style to the entire theory of change management. They will learn techniques on how to use their style to leverage the change process, as well as incorporate members of their team into the proposed change. 
    • Session 3 – Leadership and Conflict: February 8-9, 2022: When a leader introduces change into a culture, that change will naturally create conflict. Knowing how their leadership style interacts with conflict is essential for all leaders. Each member will leave with a deeper understanding of six catalysts for conflict and how their leadership style interacts with that conflict. They will learn techniques of how to make sure conflict can be harnessed to perpetuate change and how to restore trust after a conflict situation.
    • Session 4 – Leadership and Culture: April 5-6, 2022: When leaders lead and introduce change into a culture, that culture will change. Each member of the cohort will leave this session with an understanding of various cultures and how their leadership style interacts with culture. Each member will learn to identify various cultures and how to measure how their leadership style interacts with a culture that has recently been impacted by change.
    • Session 5 – Leadership and Innovation: June 8-9, 2022: Preparation for this session begins at the first group meeting. At the first session, members are instructed to come up with an innovative idea that they will present to the entire cohort, prior to the last group session. This ten-month exercise is to cause them to learn, first hand, the difficulty with the innovative thought process. During the last group session, members will learn how their style intersects with innovation; the root of change. They will leave the session with a deeper understanding of how innovation works and how to introduce innovative ideas into a culture to create change.
  • Individual One-on-One Executive Coaching Sessions
    • Five 2-hour sessions (10 total hours) conducted via video conference call
  • Small group project sessions throughout the year of the program.
    •  Throughout the year of the program, cohort members are placed into small groups. Each small group is given an assignment and makes a presentation to the collective group. The small group work focuses on developing presentation skills and observing how members of a group work together.
  • Limited to 30 Total Participants

Program Fees & Professional Benefits
$1,500 fee includes all course materials, refreshment breaks and meals. You will be responsible for overnight accommodations (if needed) and travel expenses. Accepted applicants will be invoiced and professional credits will be awarded pending approval. Once participants are accepted into the program, cancellations/refunds will not be processed.

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