How It Works

How Mentoring Works

The OASBO Mentoring Program is driven by both the protégé and the mentor so the match is critical. During the official matching process, OASBO takes into consideration the demographics, location, areas of specialization, and any special requests and needs of the protégé.

For mentors to receive contact hours for their effort - and a $100 OASBO seminar credit - they are required to attend a kickoff meeting/orientation with their mentor and the OASBO mentoring consultant. Protégés will receive contact hours for this meeting. It is designed to provide both with insight, etiquette, strategies, skills and tools necessary to significantly increase the changes for success.

The kickoff meeting/orientation will be scheduled for each pair as soon as the protégé and mentor match is made. Mentors and protégés will continue on, following the training/orientation, setting the parameters of their relationship, and setting goals. Guides, tips, articles, websites and direct support will be available through the mentor’s and protégé’s handbooks, the resource guide, and OASBO team.

Once a mentor is chosen and training is complete - and both mentor and protege are comfortable - an agreement is signed that explains responsibilities, time commitments, and other details of the program. Most communication will take place by phone and email, but it is recommended that the pair meet in person at least monthly.