Chuck Gossett Scholarship

The Chuck Gossett Memorial Scholarship was established in 2004 in memory of this former OASBO president (2004-2005). Chuck Gossett was very active in the organization with a special interest in public policy and advocacy for education and education funding.


The recipient of the Chuck Gossett Memorial Scholarship is named each year by a committee consisting of the current OASBO Board President, OASBO Foundation for School Business Management Treasurer, OASBO Associate Executive Director, and a Gossett family representative.


The scholarship recognizes an OASBO member for exemplary service to the organization through significant contributions of time and expertise on legislative issues in education public policy.


The Chuck Gossett Memorial Scholarship Award recipient receives $1000 to be awarded to a high school senior(s) in the school district where the recipient is employed. (The number of seniors and the dollar amount for each can be determined by the OASBO scholarship recipient).

Please contact Barbara Shaner at to have your name considered for this award.

See past winners.

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