Procurement Card Program

OASBO offers a procurement card program, called EasyProcure - a no-fee bank Visa© purchasing card with rebates, offered through PNC™. OASBO joined forces with BASA, OSBA, and the following Pennsylvania (PA) associations to bring this procurement card program to Ohio:

  • PA Association of School Business Officials
  • PA School Boards Association
  • PA School District Liquid Asset Fund, and
  • PA Association of School Administrators.

Beginning with your first dollar of spend volume, your school district is eligible to receive a portion of the revenue generated by the total program spend. The more districts who participate in the program, the greater the rebates.

The purchasing card can create efficiencies through simplification of the procurement and reconciliation processes, reduce manual paperwork, and cut administrative costs.

The EasyProcure program was designed by school business officials and provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Utilization of Visa branded commercial cards for payment to suppliers.
  • Integration of transactional data into your existing accounting system.
  • Web-based reporting tools that provide online access for payment allocation and reconciliation.
  • Extensive program support through a dedicated PNC program team, training and technical support professionals.
  • Customizable card controls to help manage spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.