Treasurer/CFO Search Program

As the professional association representing over a thousand Ohio school business officials, OASBO brings credibility to the district's Treasurer/CFO search. We have an understanding of school business leadership and the skills required to excel in financial management roles.

Working with our search partners - K-12 Business Consulting and Finding Leaders - our competency-based process offers a proven method of matching candidates with like-minded school districts. OASBO is committed to executing a search that allows the board of education to attract and employ the best professional for their position.

Our search program includes:

  • A process in which the board of education takes ownership.
  • Key meetings with the board of education to develop a timeline, goals and identification of position competencies and related interview questions.
  • “Behavioral event” interview process.

Consistent and thorough advertising of the open position:

  • Communications with our members about open Treasurer/CFO positions.
  • Development and distribution of an electronic brochure detailing the open position.
  • Job posting on the OASBO job board.
  • Advertisement of the search process until the board of education identifies a candidate they feel meets their needs.

Easy administration:

  • OASBO serves as the administrator and coordinator of applicants and paperwork for the entire process. 

Our guarantee:

OASBO will advertise and conduct the search process multiple times until the board of education is satisfied with the results – at no additional charge.