Strategic Plan

Created by the OASBO Board of Directors in 2014, the organization's Strategic Plan is a living document used to guide OASBO's growth and governance. A new strategic plan is created every three years.

Goal 1: Review current governance and leadership structure and investigate alternative models
(Board, Chapters and Committees).


  • Determine what skill sets are needed on the board to advance the goals
  • We want the most efficient and effective governance model for the organization
  • Non-board members on task force
  • Maintain opportunities for involvement
  • Time demands of members has increased
  • Examine member/vendor relationships
  • Survey members
  • To enhance ability to execute strategic plan
  • Increase flexibility and efficiency

Task force reports to board.

Begin Fall 2014; findings report to board May 2015


Goal 2: Facilitate the creation of peer developed tools to be used by school business officials in fulfilling their duties.

  • The focus of the initial tool to be developed will apply to forecasting. This process will lead to the development of additional models as needed by school business officials.
  • Develop checklist for completion of the 5-year-forecast with treasurer and vendors for presentation of the same
  • Development teams will include members and Service Affiliate members
  • Inclusion of Service Affiliate members will be broad based
  • Model for development of other Peer Review Programs (non-proprietary)
  • Vetting of peers and setting of ground rules
  • Non-endorsing

Task force with accountability to the Board.

Begin July 1, 2014; complete June 30, 2017


Goal 3: Develop a strategy to communicate the value of OASBO membership and SBO professional role.


  • Plan will target members and non-members, boards of education and superintendents
  • Ellipsis Partners report will identify the need for communication function
  • Implies board and organization will need to allocate resources, including staff and financing
  • A marketing strategy will be developed (includes communication by members to target audiences)
  • Surveymonkey used for both members and non-members

Staff, member retention, recruitment of new members. Follow with survey and analysis.

Strategy in place for the membership drive of 2016


Goal 4: Evaluate professional development subjects and identify the best available method to deliver the topics.


  • Not every professional development subject can be delivered using the same format
  • Will be influenced by tech report
  • Some subjects are best delivered face to face
  • Cost of delivery method will dictate options
  • Length of professional development will be a factor in determining what professional development is chosen, both online and in person
  • Limited time to devote to professional development
  • Will sync with professional development plan and technology plan
  • Take evaluations into consideration
  • Offer online CEUs

OASBO – Professional Development committee and seminar directors, staff, curriculum consultant

Completed by October 31, 2015 with ongoing assessment.


Goal 5: Develop a technology plan that will inform OASBO’s strategic plan and guide tech budget.


  • Utilize Ellipsis Partner’s report to target specific technology areas
  • OASBO Plan with specific steps
  • Flexibility with evolving technologies
  • Allocate resources
  • Evaluate plan in relation to strategic plan
  • Balance money, time and resources
  • Monitor web traffic to quantify usage and target specific use
  • Survey members


Plan by 2014; implementation completed by 2016