Advocacy “Brown Bag” Lunch Series – Starts Friday, Oct. 23rd – Free Member Benefit


“So, how do I do that?!?”...  A question that members likely ask themselves when we ask for volunteers to testify or suggest that school leaders build relationships with their local legislators. With all the challenges school leaders face, developing and refining your advocacy skills is not something that is easy to accomplish on your own. That said, OASBO and BASA are partnering on an Advocacy Brown Bag Lunch Series to provide practical tips, resources, and other information to assist in the development of your advocacy skills.

The Advocacy Brown Bag Lunch Series is a free member benefit. The sessions are structured to be a discussion over the lunch hour. The first four sessions are scheduled as follows:
It is powerful to have a strong treasurer/CFO and superintendent team when testifying and/or discussing issues with your local representatives, so we hope you and your superintendent can join! Click on the titles above to register for each session.

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