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Wednesday 04.18

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

First General Session

  • Location: Short North Ballroom
  • Track Session: General Schedule
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"One More Thing, One More Time"

To open the conference, Paralympian and bestselling author Josh Sundquist will deliver an empowering message of hope and determination.

Session agenda:
Welcome & Introductions
Presentation of the Board of Directors Slate of Officers
Presentation of By-Laws Amendment

Award and Scholarship Presentations:
Herbert Brum Scholarship
Emerging Leaders Scholarships
Outstanding SBO Awards
Regional Distinguished Service Awards
Virginia Ramsey Service Award
Rich Unger Pinnacle Award

Introduction of Strategic Partners

Introduction of Event Sponsors

Keynote Speaker - Josh Sundquist - "One More Thing, One More Time" (sponsored by American Fidelity)


Josh Sundquist

Keynote Speaker

Josh Sundquist is a Paralympian and bestselling author who has shared his story at events across the world. His high-energy blend of humor and inspiration motivates audiences to adopt his ski racing motto 1MT1MT (one more thing, one more time) to elevate their performance in sales, customer service, quality improvement, leadership, and more.
Josh studies your industry and organizational culture to create a customized keynote that reinforces your event's theme and feels personally relevant to each member of your audience. He tells stories about losing his leg to cancer, ski racing in the Paralympics, and playing jokes with his artificial leg to help your group:
• Be resilient during times of change

• Maintain a sense of humor within stressful circumstances

• Face adversity with strength and courage

• Reverse negative trends and rebound from disappointment

• Plan for the future with an expanded vision of what could be possible

Josh's life story is a reminder of how all our stories are interconnected, how even our smallest actions and decisions impact the world around us. People walk away with a fresh perspective on everything they have to be grateful for, with resolve to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing, and with a commitment to do 1MT1MT to reach their fullest potential. They carry Josh's empowering message of hope and determination in their hearts and minds long after the conclusion of your event.